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Did you know that learning the art and science of lash extensions is UNREGULATED.  This means that the State Board of Cosmetology does not regulate the training. Whilst Esthetics, Cosmetology, & Nail Technicians must meet a certain number of training hour minimums to be able to perform these services legally, THERE IS NO SUCH REQUIREMENT FOR EYELASH EXTENSIONS!  This means that anyone can train regardless of background with NO prior experience.  This also means that many people who are teaching others to apply eyelash extensions are not qualified to do so, have not mastered the skill themselves, and/or have mastered this skill and are banking on you NOT mastering it (example: many lash franchises that offer 2 day Classes are simply in this for the money and know that you will walk away discouraged.

Regardless of your background, prior training, or experience, anyone is welcome to sign up and take this class!  If you're ready for a career change, this could be the perfect segway into a new career or side hustle.  I am happy to assist you in making a complete career change and walk you step by step through the process.  Use the form to request a call or text/call the number listed.

Since state board doesn't have requirements or regulations concerning the training, this is our commitment to you:

I personally guarantee to teach you ALL of the skills, tricks, and hacks necessary to walk away from this class able to successfully apply eyelash extensions in a safe way that ensures optimal health & integrity of each client's natural eyelashes & I personally guarantee  to teach you the secrets of long-lasting lash extension retention so that you will understand & be able to achieve high retention which ensures client loyalty & satisfaction.  


For all those whom sign up for private training, I will personally create a plan that works for YOU. Since everyone learns in different ways, I commit to customizing YOUR training to ensure your success.  All that is needed from you is the commitment to do as I say and follow directions. In this way, I PERSONALLY Guarantee your success!

I am available to come watch and mentor for a year up to training should you feel that you need more training.

CE Credits 

This training meets the requirements for Continuing Education Credits for all licensed professions that need to meet requirements every year.   If you are doing this for CE credits, your receipt of payment is all that is necessary should you be required to show proof..


I will teach each trainee what they must do to open, run, and successfully market their business in order to maximize profits and tax deductions.

I will customize a plan according to each trainees individual preferences and experience level for marketing.


While it is possible to make up ONE missed class,  it is really important to be there for as many as possible.  The only exception is for PRIVATE training in which we schedule trainings around your schedule. 

It is the trainees responsibility to show up to class on time!  Since group classes depend very much on each person attending, it is necessary to stress the importance of showing up to every class or alerting an absence ahead of time..

It is your responsibility to show up to class on time and if you decide not to come at all, and do not notify in time for someone else to take your place, there will not be a refund of the deposit however it can be transferred to another class.  


- All Credit / Debit Cards
- Apple Pay

- Zelle


-Business checks are accepted.

-Personal checks are no longer accepted.

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