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The hardest aspect of lashing is retention, especially in North Carolina summers.
Lash Retention is how long the extension stays applied to the natural lash.  The goal is for the extension to STAY on the natural lash until the natural lash sheds per the growth cycle, and to shed off still attached to the natural lash.  Unfortunately this is where MOST lash technicians fall short.  I personally know several lash artist who have been in the industry for many years, yet still only have a two week retention rate.

Most of my clients go 4, 5, 6 -and some even 8 weeks between fills!  Master Level Retention is a mixture of application, adhesive, and how to adjust according to the weather.  I personally mastered this years ago and am happy to pass on all of my secrets during training.

Click the  photos below to check out some of my most recent retention examples:

All examples below are between June - July of 2021.

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