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Microblading Session

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I am a master educator of this field -I have teaching the art of lashing down to a science. I guarantee your ability to apply a full set of HEALTHY AND PERFECTLY APPLIED lashes after 16 hours of hands-on training with me.

Yes, this training is intense but it is very easy -you simply do what I teach you to do.  I go in depth into the tiny micromovements & ergonomic positioning that this profession requires. YOU CAN ONLY LEARN THIS IN PERSON & WITH REPETITION. I know science based methods to increase your muscle memory in two days!

The third day you will get your certification by applying a set of perfectly placed lashes. As a bonus you will also learn Lash Lift + Tint & Brow Lamination, Business Mentoring, and your first photos to start your portfolio.

You MUST attend all three classes!  Offered Asheville- 2022 / Richmond February 2022 / Atlanta March 2022

Master Eyelash Extension Technician Training Certification

 LIVE HANDS-ON TRAINING (a $5,000 Value!)

What You’ll Learn:

  • Client Consultations

  • Classic & Volume Lashing

  • Lash Mapping & Artistry

  • Lash Details

  • Volume Fans

  • Different Fanning Techniques including Signature 'Rapid Healthy Lash Volume Method' 

  • Lash Photo tips

  • Social Media training

  • Lash Extension Removal

  • Volume Lash Weight Chart

  • Eyelash Growth Cycle

  • Business & Marketing Overview

  • Client referrals to build your business

  • Wholesale manufacturers 

  • Certification that last a lifetime

  • Includes all supplies and materials!

Female Business Owners

What's in it for you?

Eyelash extensions can not be learned in one or two days.
By training over time, paired with ten years of extensive experience, you'll learn all the secrets for highest retention, develop muscle memory for fast application, how to work with the most efficient tools, and trouble shoot to ensure you  have a 5-Star Rated business that brings in six-figures with 25 clients (or less) per week. Period.

"I want to empower women everywhere to be able to live the life of their dreams, spend more time with their families, and feel proud of what they have accomplished." -Tiffany

Makeup Trials

Complete a full set of perfectly applied volume eyelash extensions in less than 1.5 hours!

The goal is optimal natural lash health. This ensures that your clients return for regular fills for a lifetime.  With my method your clients will NEVER need to take a break and can wear extensions indefinitely without damage to the natural lash.

Greensboro, Winston Salem, High Point, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Asheville, Boone, Greenville, Wilmington, North Carolina Master Lash Tech Eyelash Extension Training, Volume Lash Training, Classic Lash Training, Eyelash Extension Class, Eyelash Extension Certification

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