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 ​What You’ll Learn:

  • Client Consultations

  • Classic Lash Application

  • Hybrid Lash Application

  • Volume Lash Application

  • Speed Lashing

  • Lash Mapping & Artistry

  • Lash Details

  • Volume Fans

  • Different Fanning Techniques including Signature 'Rapid Healthy Lash Volume Method' 

  • Adhesive training for the different seasons in North Carolina

  • Access to Adhesive made specifically for high retention in NC

  • Before and After Photos

  • Social Media Training

  • Photography Training

  • Lash Extension Removal

  • Volume Lash Weight Chart

  • Eyelash Growth Cycle

  • Business & Marketing Overview (this ensures your investment is tax deductible, which means you'll get this $ back next year in a tax refund)

  • Client referrals to build your business

  • Wholesale Manufacturers 

  • Certification that last a lifetime

  • Includes all supplies and materials!

  • MORE! Tips & hacks that take 5+ years to learn will take you 1 week!

Expedited Training $1499
Advanced Groups for those who want more time, in depth instruction & individual attention

Are you committed to Mastering the Art and Science of lashing  as quickly as possible & learn best with individual attention? This option is for you.



-You want the fast track to lashing with the most extensive, easy-to-understand education possible to learn the art and science of applying Eyelash Extensions in a safe & healthy way.

-You are committed to mastering this skill and offering clients the very best service possible.


-You are committed to integrity and want a strong base of loyal return clients that return monthly for fills & will follow you anywhere.


-You want financial freedom and time to spend doing what you love/with family.


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